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*waves* Oh dear. I'm terrible with introductions. Um...hi. I'm new to the community, and a big fan of the books. I've read almost all of them, and love Gregor best of all.

Anyway. I have sort of an odd request that I'm hoping you guys can help me out with. I'm studying Russian, and I'm looking for Russian language books that I both have an English translation for, and that I really want to read. I'm trying to track down the Russian translation of The Vor Game (Игра Форов)--really, I'll take a Russian translation of any of the books, but that's the one I'm really hoping for--but it's proving really tricky. Does anyone know where I might get my hands on it?

ETA: So, of course once I give in and ask for help I finally have some success with my searches. If anyone is interested, there are downloads of the books here, though I have no idea if they're official translations or fan translations. I was hoping for actual physical books, but these will do in a pinch. :)
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Hi! I was really excited to find this community! I just signed up today, so I'm still poking around a bit. (Add Ivan to the community interests. Please? He's my favorite.)

A friend of mine introduced me to LMB in an airport during weather delays. I hate him forever. ;) He had me buy Shards of Honor, then I found Miles Errant in a bookstore later. I was very surprised at the conclusion of Borders of Infinity!

My favorite of the Miles books is Memory. It's just ... perfect. I read it again last week, and I'm halfway tempted to read it again now. Miles getting up from his losses and moving forward, and finding himself in the process, is one of those "comfort reads" people talk about (and I never understood until now. Huh.)
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Hi, I'm [personal profile] twistedchick, and I'm just reading the Vorkosigan books for the first time, in omnibus format. I'm about 4/5 through Miles Errant, which puts me into the latter part of Mirror Dance. And I'm glad this com is here, because I'm falling for so many characters I can't count them.
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Ooh, cool, there's a vorkosigan community! 

Let's see, I'm lawrence520 over on LJ, I write incredibly boring legal briefs and memoranda for a living and so lack the courage to try and write anything less boring for fun.  But I read with glee and abandon!  And spent most of last night listening to the audio of Winterfair Gifts and knitting gleefully. 
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Okay, the obligatory introductory post. Shall we? I'll start: I'm Flourish, and so far I have mostly been lurking on various Bujold/Vorkosigan comms on LiveJournal; however, I'm planning to start writing Vorkosigan fanfic soon, and so it's been on my mind a lot recently. Halloo!


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