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Given the input from the community, I've made a Modly Decision (er, subject to change should a majority of the people on-list should disagree with me.) The Vorkosiverse reread is on.

To participate, you all should just reread the Vorkosiverse. ;) There will then be discussion posts on the community for each book on the following dates. I've tried to give plenty of time - 10 or 15 days - between each book, and since each book is a novella (and not the omnibus versions), it shouldn't be completely impossible to follow along, reading as we go. The discussion topics will remain open indefinitely. I'll start us with a couple of my own thoughts and questions, or if someone wants to volunteer to run the discussion of a particular book, by all means be my guest!

I have placed Ethan of Athos and Falling Free at the end of the series because they are not directly in-line with the other stories. Also, some people have mentioned trouble finding Falling Free and I'd like to give them more time to get their hands on it if possible.

May 15: Shards of Honor
June 1: Barrayar
June 15: The Warrior's Apprentice & "The Mountains of Mourning"
July 1: The Vor Game
July 15: Cetaganda and "Labyrinth"
August 1: "Borders of Infinity" and Brothers in Arms
August 15: Mirror Dance
September 1: Memory
September 15: Komarr
October 1: A Civil Campaign and "Winterfair Gifts"
October 15: Diplomatic Immunity
November 1: Ethan of Athos
November 15: Falling Free

If anyone is having trouble getting their hands on these books, you could try searching for one of the omnibus editions. Below the cut I have listed the omnibus editions and which stories are included in each, for your convenience:

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So, there was some interest in the group of doing a "getting to know you" in the form of a Vorkosiverse reread.

If people are still interested in this, it might be nice to take it in single chunks (novels/novellas/short stories each being one chunk - not omnibus collections being one chunk) and in either publication or timeline order. In that case, the first book we'd read would either be Falling Free or Shards of Honor.

Which do people prefer as the first book?

When would people prefer to start? I was considering late May, perhaps; that's a long time from now, but it also gives plenty of time for new community members to show up and introduce themselves once the site enters open beta, plus it gives plenty of time for people's school years (if they have them) to be wrapping up. (Or does that just conflict with finals week?)

What are your thoughts? Certainly if the people who'd be re-reading can't do a certain time or don't want to do a certain book, we won't do it that way!


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