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This is slightly ahead of schedule, since apparently my weekend shall be consumed by the Barrayar-approved activity of "boffering", that is, "playing medieval warfare with pieces of drainage pipe coated with foam plastic". In any case, here are my notes on Barrayar:

  • Hmm, no regents for 120 years?

  • There's a very nice description of the Residence near the beginning!

  • Aral, you really should've briefed Cordelia before sending her to meet with Kareen. Or given her a Barrayar Translator.

  • Kareen only wears half-mourning (grey) in private. Scandalous, or expected?

  • What's going on in Darkoi with Count Vorlakial? Do we ever get an answer?

  • Kou is 6'4. Barrayarans: tall. Very tall. That's like 193cm in real units. Though since he's a grocer's son, I guess he got adequate nutrition while growing up?

  • "Appeal to Irrelevant Authorities at Headquarters" oh, Cordelia

  • Bujold: very good with foreshadowing – Vordarian's family tree, Bothari the midwife, A+

  • Alys has two sisters.

  • Cordelia's Rules of Barrayaran Sexual Behavior :DDD

  • Hm, Piotr enjoys explaining Barrayar to Cordelia. An interesting, if tragically brief, moment in canon.

  • Gergor's birthday seems to be in the autumn. Ezar's was earlier in the year.

  • Cordelia's conversation with Vordarian: very confusing for both of them. Yet another example of Cordelia operating from a completely different reference system.

  • Barrayaran therapy: not all that good, it seems.

  • The Caravanserai is part of Vorbarr Sultana, but guarded by Count Vorbohn's guard? What's going on here?

  • There are a surprising amount of incidents summarizable as "Kou noooo".

  • "Post-partum fatigue" oh dear. :D

  • Aral and Piotr's arguments are very gut-punching. Piotr, please get your head out of your ass.

  • Drou: A+ pulling of Kou's strings during the start of their rescue mission.

  • Dorca's great-uncle kept over 300 horses in the old old imperial stables.

  • The amount of gut-punch lines seems to have increased notably: ghost of his most notable failure at his banquet of victory

  • Vordarian's head! On the table!

  • Captain Illyan: certified grade-A puppy.

  • Cordelia has a lot of troubles adjusting to the Barrayaran attitude, it seems.

Next book (The Warrior's Apprentice) will be later, I fear, since I'll be going abroad for a while. I can't promise anything, but somewhere in the vicinity of the 6th of July.
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Okay, readthrough #2: Barrayar! Sorry that this one's a day late - I just got back from vacation last night and was too pooped to post. ;) Some thoughts to kick us off:
  • In my readthrough of this novel, I was surprised to see how much the "gun principle" applied. You know - "if you see a gun in the first act of the play, it will certainly be fired by the third act"? Only it applied to everything, not just nerve disruptors. For instance: Drou's disappointment when Cordelia wants to go shopping (and her parallel thrill when they go to Siegling's) is echoed in Cordelia bringing Vordarian's head back in a shopping bag. Even Cordelia remarking on how Drou looks awful in the "superior servant" dresses is echoed by Alys Vorpatril dressing her beautfiully for her wedding. Maybe this is part of what it is to write a really tight story?
  • I was kind of uncomfortable with Koudelka's ideas about what he was "doing to" Drou. I think that given Barrayaran society, it's perfectly... understandable? That's not the right word, but you know what I mean. But because we don't really deeply delve into Barrayaran society until books later in the timeline (they were, I think, previously published, though) it is jarring. I'm now kind of itching for fanfic.
  • Speaking of itching for fanfic, Barrayar brought up all this great stuff about the Time of Isolation and the Cetagandan war that I'd really, really love to see handled.
On those topics, would people be interested in doing some kind of a fest? I'd be into running one, if people were into writing for one, but I'm nervous that there are too few Vorkosigan fanfic writers around to make it very big at all. Worth it anyway, do you all think?


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