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There's a huge sale on Georgette Heyer novels over on and amazon. Lots & lots of screens of e-books for 2.99 each.

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Ursula Vernon, who just won the Best Novelette Hugo, stopped in Iceland en route to WorldCon. She was with her husband Kevin, his cousin, Amy, & their friend Tina. They storified the trip, here:

There're lots of gorgeous photos & great snark.
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[personal profile] jamjar and I have had conversations on many Vorkosigan-adjacent topics. Here are two of them, for anyone amused by nattering about crossovers. In the first, we postulate the BBC series Blackadder as a Barrayaran folk tradition akin to pantomime. In the second, the theme is "What would happen if Aral Vorkosigan fell through a wormhole into the American Revolution?"
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[personal profile] extrapenguin open for prompting!

All of Bujold's fandoms – Vorkosigan, Chalion, Sharing Knife – are allowed. Prompt those things!

If you spot any problems/the tag set is missing a fandom/whatever, poke me and I'll fix it.

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Crossposting of this announcement onto other platforms or otherwise advertising the fest is allowed and encouraged!
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[personal profile] filkferengi here:

The interview starts at about 1 minute in, and runs about 30 minutes.

This was recorded on Day 4 of ConVergence, earlier this month. (Which seems longer ago than that, already.)

Ta, L.

posted by Lois McMaster Bujold on July, 24
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Lois McMaster Bujold says, here:

I am pleased to report that I have finished the first draft of a new Penric & Desdemona novella. (For that peculiar value of "finished" that means, "still dinking till it's pulled from the writer's twitchy hands.")

Title will be "Penric's Fox"

Length, at this moment, is around 37,400 words. It is more-or-less a sequel to "Penric and the Shaman", taking place about eight or nine months after that story.

Final editing and formatting, arranging for cover art to send it out into the world nicely dressed, etc., will take some unknown amount of time and eyeball-endurance, but e-pub will likely happen in August.

My computer file tells me I started typing the opening on March 3rd, but of course there was lead-up to that. It is, in general, hard to tell or remember when a project segues over from "notion" to "planning", although the notion had been with me for some time. Story notions are like a collection of vaguely related objects rattling around in a box; planning starts when some key object that connects them all drops in, and things suddenly get interesting.

Ta, L.
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Just a couple of these things, & it pays for itself. For example, the Fiction River anthology alone [nearly 800 pages!] is 8.00 on Kindle. The Uncollected Anthology Year One [490 pages] is only available as a $24 paperback. Afaik, this is the only e-book edition. The Grayson trilogy is excellent, romance-with-woo-woo fun; the Rusch Diving series has great buzz. The Faerie Summer is a 20-book e-book set.

Throw in the others, & that's a lot at an excellent deal. Squee!

filkferengi, off to buy it now
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Thought up by Royce Day on the Bujold mailing list:
Honestly, there's a fanfic to written about what the poor Betan
Ambassador to Barrayar was doing during the whole mess with Cordelia's
defection to Barrayar, marriage to a war criminal, and then bringing
back Vordarian's head at the climax of the coup.
That is a fic I would love to read.
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I posted a new Vorkosiverse fic to AO3 a few months ago, for Yuletide. Figured I can post it here, too?

Title: The Entirely Beautiful
Author: little Alex
Ratings: PG-13
Spoilers: Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen
Summary: How Aral Vorkosigan and Oliver Jole got together, from Aral's POV.

Hope you enjoy it.
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Title: Mirror Hunt, 4/?
Author: tel
Rating: PG-13
Fandoms: Honorverse/Vorkosigan saga
Disclaimer: Characters are property of their respective creators. This is an unlicensed parody
Summary: [Short Victorious Vor] A century-old debt has come due, but Miles Vorkosigan is missing. Due to the requirements of the genre, in this chapter people sit around talking and avoid advancing the plot as much as possible. 

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I didn't do any Vorkosiverse fic for Yuletide, but I did do a Chalionverse fic.  (BTW, with the addition of Hallowed Hunt and Penric and so much stuff in the same 'verse that isn't even tangentially related to Chalion, LMB is asking for us to start calling it "World of the Five Gods" (5GU).  Which makes sense, but hasn't really caught on, so whatever.)

Title: On the Nature of Miracles
Fandom: Chalion Saga
Author: [personal profile] beatrice_otter 
Rating: Gen
Length: 1504 words
Betaed By: [personal profile] filkferengi and Markus Baur
Written for: [personal profile] keerawa in [community profile] yuletide 2016
Summary: Even the Mother's miracles of healing have limits.

At AO3

ExpandBut why can't you? )

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Drabble: This World Of Ours Is Not As It Seems (The Monsters Are Real But They're Not In Your Dreams) (100 words) by Lanna Michaels
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Padma Vorpatril
Additional Tags: Drabble, Canon Compliant, Time Period: Reign of Ezar Vorbarra, Indecision
Series: Part 3 of Goodnight Demonslayer

The Empire is not a dragon, Aral Vorkosigan changed the world, and Padma Vorpatril doesn't know what to do.

Petya Vorkosigan: Odds & Ends (44755 words) by Lanna Michaels
Chapters: 31/31
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Additional Tags: Abandoned Work - Unfinished and Discontinued, Meta, Rough drafts, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence
Series: Part 39 of Petya 'verse - All Petya Vorkosigan Fics, Part 33 of Petya - Canon 'verse, Part 8 of Petya - Escobar Split 'verse, Part 5 of Petya - Post-Komarr Split 'verse

The wasteland of unfinished Petya Vorkosigan fics. Here be unrevised dragons and a terribly naked look into my writing process.

You Won't Believe How These Assholes Fall In Love This Time! (428 words) by Lanna Michaels
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Guy Allegre/OMC
Additional Tags: Prompt Fic, Flash Fic, Don't Think About This Too Hard, Alternate Universe, Crack, Clickbait, Ficlet
Series: Part 40 of Petya 'verse - All Petya Vorkosigan Fics, Part 34 of Petya - Canon 'verse

What the hell is even going on with the Vorkosigans anymore? Asking for a friend.

Citius, Altius, Fortius. (870 words) by Lanna Michaels
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Ludmilla Droushnakovi/Kareen Vorbarra
Characters: Ludmilla Droushnakovi, Kareen Vorbarra
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Galactic Olympics, Alternate Universe - Olympics, Yay WIP finishing!

Don't expect to win anything.

Mine, By The Grave's Repeal. (2787 words) by Lanna Michaels
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Gregor Vorbarra, Simon Illyan, Miles Vorkosigan, Ivan Vorpatril, Aral Vorkosigan
Additional Tags: Gregor Vorbarra Breaks Barrayar, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - The Result Of Time Travel, Timeline What Timeline, Paradox, Time Period: Reign of Gregor Vorbarra, Alternate Timelines, Barrayaran anti-mutagenic prejudice, Dark Gregor Vorbarra, Different Timeline!Gregor Vorbarra, Vorbarra Political Cannibalism, Overly Complicated Cetagandan Plots
Series: Part 2 of I Dwell In Possibility

Gregor Vorbarra was not a man born to be Emperor. Sequel to I Dwell In Possibility.

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It's here!

  • Jackson's Whole's neighbors find it a "secretly useful interface with the sub-economy" – fic plz?

  • JW was a hijacker-base only a century or two back – wasn't this about when Barrayar was rediscovered?

  • Money laundering, weapons deals, bio/gene stuff, fence and ransom deals... such delicious fic ideas.

  • Poor Bel, so lonely – and aware of Miles' secret identity, perhaps?

  • Saris on women, coffee-colored skin on Bharaputrans, the very name Bharaputra – it would seem that JW got a significant population/cultural influx from India.

  • Uterine replicators practical only for last ~200 years – so the Cetagandans, herms, and quaddies are significantly more recent than I'd thought.

  • Quaddies aren't widely known of outside quaddiespace.

  • The treatment of Bel being in love is rather ... heterocentric. Bel flirts with a man? Bel's playing up the womanly side! Bel flirts with a woman? Bel's playing up the manly side!

  • Bel's suggestion of "Fry 'em from orbit" re: Ryoval was very apt, especially considering what will come up later.

  • Nicol's contract woes are sadly familiar to all who've looked into migrant workers from Southeast Asia.

  • Between The Vor Game and this, Miles seems to be a bit of a duct expert.

  • why is there a dubcon sex scene here WTF LMB no

  • Oh, Miles, and his lessons on tactics.

  • Tung quotes Sun Tzu in the orginal Chinese? Oh Ky.

  • Hey, a timeline! 4 000 years after the death of Sun Tzu, which happened c. 496 BCE – so it's c. 3500 CE.

  • Needed: Miles strangling an enemy with pajama pants/successfully crashing an aircraft by throwing underwear in the air intakes.

Next: "The Borders of Infinity" on the 13th of November.
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Late Gifts of Winterfair (4398 words) by james
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Ivan Vorpatril/Gregor Vorbarra
Characters: Ivan Vorpatril, Gregor Vorbarra
Additional Tags: First Kiss, Pining, Kidnapping, Mild Angst, Humor

Ivan doesn't appreciate being kidnapped, and he doesn't know what to do about Gregor. For a change, none of this is Miles' fault.


Sep. 24th, 2016 08:57 pm
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Vorkosigan's there, with a whopping 25 characters!
list of characters )

Who'll you request? What do you want to have written? Anyone ticking "Any"?
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It's here, and rather more issue-y than I recalled.

  • Genetically repairing fetuses is a thing.

  • Homophobia is alive and well at Kline Station.

  • Ethan is woefully underprepared and has no idea what he's doing.

  • "Quinn Excites Dismay" :D

  • "women's work" – sexism is alive and well in the Nexus, sigh.


  • Did no-one import the tech for same-sex couples to have kids genetically related to both? That's a thing that should exist, given the biotech level.

  • Quinn mailed Okita's clothes to Admiral Naismith – I now want fic of Miles receiving the clothes.

  • Terrence is very, very screwed up, consistently with his upbringing.

  • ...Speaking of which, did no-one in the Cetagandan administration pause and think "this is a terrible idea, the kids'll be able to read minds" and then order them to be treated well? Like, Terrence's upbringing counts as major Idiot Ball imo.

  • Elli is delightfully dramatic.

  • Did Terrence rent the Presidential Suite, or were they taking turns pacing?

  • Ethan shows his ingenuity with the grocery shopping.

  • Does Elli regularly talk with the not-present Naismith to develop plots?

  • The false disease vector report thing was very ingenious.

  • My favorite minor character is the Security guy who cites the codes Millisor's violating. Bureacracy!

  • So, what can we learn of Millisor's lifestyle from the doc's report, beyond the fact that he's stressed?

  • Based on the remark that Mr. Coffee-Colored Skin couldn't be Cetagandan: are all Cetagandans pale skinned? (Some must be, since Barrayaran Ceta descendents are still being discovered, ergo they can't all have been much different to Barrayarans in skin tone, but all? Is this using the shorthand Cetagandan = ghem?)

  • Apparently Bharaputra's hitmen have coffee-colored skin as a common feature.

  • Did Elli get the hobby of "banging her head against brick walls" from Miles, or did she already have it?

  • The resolution was a bit too pat and not that foreshadowed.

Next: "Labyrinth", on Sunday 16.10. (I'm increasing the gap to 4 weeks, since my schedule is rather full.)
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We'll be doing Ethan of Athos on Sunday!
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brigittebod on LJ has posted a thorough evidence post that shows that we have only produced 939 fics.

So, since NOMINATIONS ARE HERE, I suggest we engage in a bit of nominations planning!
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